First P2E gaming platform platform on NEAR protocol
October 2022: 1,555 unique nightmare ZomboDucks spawn


What do we offer?

We are the first P2E game platform based on NEAR protocol, which will aggregate different games from us and our partner projects. By minting ZomboDucks you will get access to the platform when launched (expected by the end of May).
In addition, we aim to create a launchpad for independent game developers, providing technical and marketing support.
Prior that, we are going to develop a mini-game, the beta-version of which will appear prior the mint. Check our discord announcement for further details.

Why to mint Ducks?


Exclusive access to the game platform


Investing in launchpad for game developers providing future benefits


Many upcoming bonuses for our community: merchandise, new drops, partnered rewards

Duck greenDuck purpleDuck blueDuck greenDuck purple

We are focused on the long-term development of the project, so we have assembled a team of cool well-experienced game developers. We believe that our project will be valuable and profitable for our community.

We are aiming to solve a problem of usability, game search and content. Basically, there is currently no aggregated platform on which the NEAR community can play games from different projects yet.

In addition, our project aims to help independent game developers by providing them support through our launchpad for games. The ZomboDucks launchpad aims to encourage community growth and to improve interactions between developers and gamers.


Phase 1

Early April 2022
  • Team assemble
  • Website and social media development
  • Creation of unique ZomboDucks NFTs

Phase 2

End June 2022
  • Presale and public mint
  • Listing on the secondary market
  • Rarity and sales bot implementation

Phase 3

Early July 2022
  • Presentation of the DEMO version of the game
  • Development of WhitePaper with a description of platform rules
  • Beta version of holder dashboard

Phase 4

Mid August 2022
  • P2E gaming platform launch
  • Attracting NEAR partners to the platform
  • New games development process

Phase 5

End August 2022
  • Start of reward payments to holders
  • Creating launchpad_v2 for independent game developers with an open API and friendly tool-kit for building
  • Presentation of the first DEMO version of the game made through the launchpad_v2

Phase 6

Early September 2022
  • Introducing a DAO where community can vote on futher development and integration moves
  • Games launchpad_v2 launch
  • Roadmap V2.0 development

Meet our team


Our star developers with experience in
leading game studios, masters of their craft

Creative director, content
manager and PR in one bottle
The author of our monstrous design, you can
see the level of her skill with your own eyes
God of numbers and
strategy, handyman


When presale and minting date?
Presale and mint are scheduled on the same day in the early May, check info in our discord
What is the total supply of ZomboDucks?
There will be 1,555 unique NFTs
What is the mint price?
The mint price will be announced closer to the mint date depending on the market conditions
How many spots will be on the whitelist?
We are planing to give 500 whitelist spots but this number may may undergo changes
Where will the secondary placement take place?
We plan to list on Paras marketplace after the mint end, rarity and sales bots will be available in our discord.
How much is a secondary market royalty?
We are planing to fix royalty for secondary market at 5%